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Xenta 200, 300 or 400 Controller fails while using RJ11 OP port for Lonworks communication to Vista


When using the RJ11 OP port for Lonworks communication the Xenta 200, 300, or 401 controllers fails completely. 


Xenta 200,300 or 400 and RJ11 OP Panel port


When the RJ11 OP port on a Xenta 200,300 or 400 controller is used to access the Lonworks network the controller can be easily damaged if the 24VAC power is shorted or grounded accidently.  The OP port on these controllers have four pins. Two of them are the Lonworks network and the other two are 24VAC to power the OP panel, if the two 24VAC wires (INSERT WHICH PIN OUTS THESE ARE HERE) are shorted the embedded fuse in the controller will be blown and the controller will not be able to be used.


In most cases the controllers internal fuse has blown and will require replacement. The repair of this will be dependent on location and type of controller.  Please contact the repairs department (refer to Contact tab above) if repair is possible.  

Recommendation: If this type of connection is to used, then ensure that the two 24VAC wires are very well separated from each other.

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