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Xenta 555 – Configuration of the Ethernet Communications settings.


Xenta 555 –Configuration of the Ethernet Communications settings, using HyperTerminal.


Connection to the site Ethernet network


A requirement to change the Ethernet connection settings


This operation will allow the user to modify the settings, as detailed below.


  • Connect the laptop to the Xenta RS-232 port B, using the RJ45-to-RJ10 Cable and DB9/Female-to-RJ45/Female Adaptor.


  • Run HyperTerminal on the laptop and configure as follows;


Run Hyper Terminal and configure as: -

Baud             9600

Data bits       8

Parity            None

Stop Bits       1

Flow Control   None


Press ‘Enter’ to display activate the command prompt.


Xenta555 Website name…    Session-id: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Enter the Username: root

Enter the Password: root

At the prompt - Dsh/> - Enter setip


DHCP Yes/No  As appropriate (A fixed IP address is easier)

IP Address     As appropriate

Subnet Mask  As appropriate

Default Gateway       As appropriate (This would be the address of the main network router, it will be the same as the PC uses)

Dns (Again, if it is used then it will be the same as the PC uses)

Website Name   As required (This can be entered now, or downloaded via Xbuilder)

Domain Name  (Used for information only)

Host Name     (Used for information only)  

Change Root password yes/no        no

Do you want to restart the IP Interface. yes/no        yes

After configuring the 555 controller details, Enter: Dsh/>restart


The above information is also available in the TAC Xenta 500/700/911/913 Product manual, section 2.2.2.

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