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Xenta 700 version 5.1.1 and lower, Menta TRIG block misses the triggering signal


Writing directly to DELB (delay binary) simple block in a Xenta 700 Menta application where that DELB output is sent to a TRIG block, the TRIG block may not work.


  • Xenta Servers version 5.1.1 and lower
  • Xenta 701, 711, 721, 731
  • Menta


This was a bug in version 5.1.1 and lower.


Upgrading the Xenta Server to version 5.1.2 or later will resolve the issue.

If upgrading is not an option, this can be worked around with one of these options:

  1. Write to a block prior to the DELB block, not the DELB block itself
  2. Put a second DELB block at the end before the TRIG block
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