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Xenta 7xx reboots over and over


Xenta 7xx stuck in continuous reboot loop. If connected to Hyperterminal while booting may see error that says "Wrong number of IO's in <Menta file path>".


  • Xenta 701
  • Xenta 711
  • Xenta 721
  • Xenta 731


Downloading Xenta 7xx with Menta files that contain test probe blocks will cause this error. Test probe blocks are for testing code only and should not be left in Menta programs once an XBuilder project is going to be downloaded.


Locate all test probe blocks and replace with the appropriate programming. Search Menta programs for any test probe blocks (TPAI, TPDI, TPAO, TPDO) and delete all of them before attempting to download the device again.

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