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Xenta 913 to BCX BACnet communication settings.


Incorrect settings in the BCX will prevent BACnet communication.


  • BACnet MSTP
  • BACnet IP
  • BCX
  • Continuum
  • Vista
  • Xenta 913


Because of the Xenta 913 limitation of 127 addresses, The default BACnet Address will most likely be out of range.


The BCX must be addressed properly to allow BACnet communication to the Xenta 913. The setting can be changed on the BCX's Controller Configuration page by accessing the controller via IP address to it's web interface. On this page you will see a setting for BACnet Network ID Comm2 which is the devices BACnet address. This number must be unique on the BACnet Network and must range from 0-127.

To Enable BACnet IP communication, modify the BACnet Ethernet settings from the web interface. Set the BACnet Ethernet Enabled to Yes, and BACnet Network ID Ethernet which is the devices BACnet address. This number must be unique on the BACnet Network.

Many people try to set the BACnet Device Id field to represent a BACnet address but this is not correct. The BACnet Device Id is by default the last 7 characters of the BCX serial number and must be unique to all devices in the Continuum network. This setting does not affect the Xenta 913 in any way.

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