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Xenta Controller Will Not Download / How to Clear the Xenta Application


Xenta application has crashed or become corrupted and may exhibit one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Controller not online in Vista Workstation
  • I/O modules will not associate with Master
  • Xenta controller will not accept download through System Plug-in

Reset the Xenta controller by wiring a reset dongle. Clear the application/memory by shorting certain pins on the RS-232 port.


  • Xenta version 3.61 or higher, Xenta 280 (281, 282, 283), Xenta 300 (301, 302), Xenta 401
  • Menta
  • System Plug-in
  • Vista Workstation
  • RJ45 Reset Tool
  • Reset Dongle


  • Xenta may have crashed during download especially if interrupted during download.
  • There are various other possible causes.


Verify whether cycling power corrects problem. If that fails then perform the following steps:


If a Xenta 280/300/401 application has crashed and refuses to accept a new download, both from Vista and Menta, there is a way to clear the application (Xenta version 3.61 or higher).

  1. Manufacture a RJ45 jack with the following pins short-circuited:

    Note: This can be done by cutting off the end of an old Cat5 network cable, leaving approximately 4-6" of cable, and connecting the wires that correspond to the pins shown above.
  2. Turn off power to the controller or remove it from the base plate.
  3. Put the manufactured RJ45 jack in the RS-232 port.
  4. Turn on power to the controller or re-insert it into the base plate. A forced Clear Application will be made.
  5. Remove the jack.
  6. Cycle power to the device to perform a fresh boot-up.
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