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Xenta Server Error: Ethernet autonegotiation error (Error#: 59)


Xenta Server Error: Ethernet autonegotiation error (Error#: 59)


Xenta Server System Error log

Xenta 527


The Ethernet negotiation error comes from bad connection with the Ethernet switch. The negotiation is the low level negotiation between the PHY (physical layer) interface on the Xenta and the PHY on the switch. It negotiates speed (10/100 Mbps ) and duplex. This error can indicate a bad cable or other problems with the switch.


  1. Replace any patch cables
  2. Replace connectors on any suspected bad cables
  3. Use a different port on the ethernet switch.

*Note that the Xenta Server Ethernet port is only capable of 10 Mbps. Speed negotiation is unnecessary if the port on the switch can be manually configured.

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