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Xenta group master is offline but other controllers in the group are online


The Xenta Group Master is offline in Vista Workstation but  the rest of that masters group is online.


  • Workstation
  • TAC Vista System Plug-In


The issue occurs most of the time when dealing with a system that is using a Loytec NIC 852 card. Somehow the address table entry for tag_0 can become corrupted, lost, or not updated. 


  1. Open up the TAC Vista System Plug-In through LonMaker or NL220.
  2. Click on the LNS Network menu > Create Group Bindings.
  3. Now go to the TAC Network menu and click on Commence Communication.
  4. Once the Commence Communication operation is complete, click Close.
  5. Update Vista Database.
  6. Refresh the system tree in Vista Workstation.
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