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Xenta server trend logs are mixed up or missing when logged to SQL


Xenta server trend logs are mixed up or missing when logged to SQL. For example log from Xenta server 1 is logged under log a in Xenta server 2. This causes duplicates for some logs and missing logs for others.


Vista 5.1.X

Xenta server 5.1.X with trendlogs that are retrieved by Vista and logged to SQL.


When creating the Xenta servers, copy/paste has been used in Vista. Using copy/paste causes certain references to be created incorrectly.


!If you have already encountered the behaviour described contact Product Support! Otherwise read on...

The correct way to engineer Xenta servers in Vista when the XBuilder project is to be reused.

  1. Right-click on the server object in Vista and select New->Xenta Server X5\7\9xx
  2. Right-click the newly created Xenta server and select Edit
  3. In the XBuilder project that opens, configure and download your project to the Xenta server.
  4. Close the XBuilder and save the changes to the current project when prompted.
  5. Refresh Vista and ensure that everything is online and correct in the Xenta server.

To reuse this project in another Xenta server

  1. Right-click the Xenta server in Vista and select Edit.
  2. Make the appropriate changes to the project e.g. change the IP address.
  3. You can now either save the project as a template or choose Save as from the file menu.
  4. Rename the file and save it.
  5. After saving, select the menu item Vista Database->Save As and navigate to the Vista server object in the dialogue that opens.
  6. Right-click in the dialogue window and select New->Xenta Server X5\7\9xx.
  7. Choose an appropriate name and then click on Select.
  8. Go to Vista workstation and update the server object. The new Xenta server should now appear.

Now it has been created it can be edited further and then downloaded to via XBuilder.


Note: If the trend log values are mixed up also in the Xenta Server itself (i.e. in a trend log page) it may be a different issue, see Article#17067

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