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bCX goes offline when trying to reload (transaction timeout)


bCX4040 has trouble staying online, taking a reload.




BCX4040 is shown online in web browser but offline in Continuum. When resetting the controller from web browser, the controller comes online for a short time in Continuum but unable to take a reload (transaction time out). Also, it's not showing up when performing find new BACnet device.


There's more than one issue that can cause this symptom. In this case the controller error log had over 5000 entries in less than 2 days. All the same error:
1 W 10/09/2011 22:26:55.26 0x00001408 0x04e51900 0x02111cfe 0x000001fc 0x00000e48

The '1408' corresponding error text is 'Not enough memory'.

There was a T-tap on the bCX's MSTP -  for another enclosure with b38xx controllers, approximately 25 meters away. Once reconnected as a daisy-chain the problem was solved.

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