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"Authentication Failed. Could not connect to ES." when setting the password for the "SystemReportsService" user.


Getting authentication failure when trying to set to password for "SystemReportsService" through "Building Operation WebReports Administrator"


Web Reports

1.6.0 RC and above


The Reports Agent can't check the password with the ES. This is dues to one of the three causes below:

[1] The Enterprise Server path is not correct

[2] The HTTP port entered for the reports agent is not correct

[3] The ES is not started

[4] The password entered is not correct

[5] The reports agent is not started

[6] The "Local System" account does not have high enough privileges to communicate out of the server


[1] Enter the right ES server path e.g. using "SBO Reports Agent Config"

[2] Enter the same port in HTTP in the ES Software Adminsitrator and the reports agent e.g. using "SBO Reports Agent Config"

[3] Start the ES

[4] Enter the correct password (you can change the defined password for the "SystemReportsService" through Workstation) Be sure to use the SystemReportsService account in the local domain of the ES

[5] Start the reports agent

[6] Change the report agent service to run under a local administrator account

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