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"Download Java" link shown when accessing TAC Vista Webstation from Internet Explorer


When opening a TGML graphic in Webstation using Internet Explorer you get a link to download the correct Java version even though Java is installed on the PC used


  • Java
  • Vista Webstation
  • Internet Explorer


Webstation has a built-in check to see if Java is installed which does not work in Internet Explorer


Open this path "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\TACVistaWeb519" Version can be different depending what you have installed.

Edit the file "TgmlDynamicGraphicsPage.aspx" and remove the lines in picture starting with <script< strong=""> and ending with /script></script<>

NOTE: Make a backup of the file in case something happens.

and save the file.


Also remember to set the viewer mode to "Dynamic" in TAC Vista Web Settings. The down side of this, is that Webstation will not work on PC's not having Java installed.

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