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"ERROR: Reading FlexSnvtTempSetpt " is displayed in Standard Output Window when attempting to start an R2 station that was converted from 514 to 529.


UNC was upgraded to R2 release 529 from an older version and when the station was started, the following error message was displayed in the Standard Output Window:

---------- Station Starting:   THU MAR 26 14:43:09 2009 ----------
 Tridium Niagara Station, r2.301.529.v1 [GafbBldg857]
 ERROR: Reading FlexSnvtTempSetpt [3928] FlexSnvtTempSetpt#link: 60
 FATAL: Cannot boot station from sns


UNC-520 with release 522 or 529 software installed.


Incompatibility in the FlexSnvtTempSetpt object between the release 514 and release 529 versions of the jar file.


The best way to correct this issue is to perform a manual upgrade of the existing version 514 station.

  1. Use the release 514 WorkPlace Pro "Admin Tool" DbAdmin function to backup the running station and get the station as a .sns file to the computer.
  2. Use the DbAdmin function to convert the station from .sns to .xml.
  3. In the release 529 installation folder, use the AdminInstall command to start the release 529 version of the NiagaraD service.
  4. Copy the station folder containing the station to be upgraded from the release 514 stations folder to the release 529 stations folder.
  5. Start the release 529 AdminTool and open the Localhost.
  6. Highlight the station to be converted.
  7. Select the DbAdmin tab and use the convert local function to convert the station from .xml to .sns

The converted station is now ready to be installed into the UNC that has already been loaded with I/A Series R2 release 529 software.

This same procedure can be used to convert a 514 station to 532 by substituting release 532 for the release 529 references. above.

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