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"Error: Could not open x7parser.exe" when generating TAC XBuilder project


When generating a XBuilder project, the following error is shown in the "Output" window

"Error: Could not open x7parser.exe."


TAC XBuilder

TAC Menta


For some reason TAC Menta has not been properly registered during installation. The file x7parser.exe is part of the TAC Menta installation, if TAC XBuilder can not located the TAC Menta executable, x7parser.exe (which generated the Menta objects in the XBuilder project) can not be launched.


The solution is to manually register TAC Menta

1. Open a command prompt (Start - Run - cmd)

2. Navigate to the TAC Menta installation directory (Typically "C:\Program Files (x86)\Schneider Electric\TAC Menta 5.1.9" but this depends on OS and Menta version)

3. Enter the following command: tam32.exe /regserver

4. Press enter

5. Reopen XBuilder and generate

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