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"Error: Sequence too complex" received when attempting to save Event Sequences


Is there a limit on the number of action steps for a sequence?
Is there a memory limitation on the number of action steps for a sequence?
What prevents me from adding any more than 13 steps to a event sequence? 


I/NET Seven - Event Sequences


Due to memory limitations, if using any of the Output commands, you are limited to only use 12 lines items per event sequence instead of the normal 18 line items per event sequence.

An allocation of 128 bytes of memory is allocated for each sequence, adding an action sequence to a point requires 8 bytes of memory plus additional bytes for each action defined in the sequence. The memory required for each event sequence action is shown in the table below.  The system will notify you when this memory limitation is reached via this "Sequence to complex" error.

Action Memory
Start with Lock
Stop with Lock
Lock Door
Lock Door with lock
Inhibit alarm
Enable alarm
Event Unlock
5 bytes
Output with Lock
9 bytes
Skip if Zero
Skip if Non-Zero
Unconditional Skip
6 bytes


If your are using only the "Output with Lock" or "Output" event sequence action in one sequence, only 12 lines are allowed.  If more lines are required, the SKIP command can be used to connect as many sequences (maximum of 64 per controller) as required.

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