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"License Brand Mismatch" error when accessing an ENC


Attempting to modify the station program in a ENC on a jobsite and cannot connect to the ENC because of the License Brand Mismatch error.


Niagara AX WorkBench software and TAC branded ENC


I/A Series G3 Workbench and customer's third party branded AX Jace


I/A Series ENCs and Tridium JACEs are usually closed branded unless ordered with an open license.

The branding on  the G3 / AX workbench software is always closed. 

This procedure was defined by Tridium to protect the customer investment by allowing only authorized partner channel members to access the installed system at a customer site.


I/A Series ENCs and  Tridium AX JACEs are normally supplied with a brand specific license that allows access only by the specific branded copy of the WorkBench software.

A customer ordering a JACE or ENC can request that it be licensed as open branded.  This will allow the customer to access the JACE or ENC with their brand specific version of the Workbench software and will allow the Schneider Electric Buildings partner office to access the JACE or ENC with their TAC branded copy of Workbench.

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