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"!MBM Timeout receiving request" message is seen in the Xenta Server vx log every 10 seconds.


"!MBM Timeout receiving request" message is seen in the Xenta Server vx log every 10 seconds.


TAC Xenta 913

TAC Xenta 701/711/721/731


When using the Xenta Server as a Modbus slave, "!MBM  Timeout receiving request" message" is seen every 10 seconds in the Xenta Server vx log if there is no connection with the Modbus master.


(Note that when using the Xenta Server as a Modbus master, you will see the message "!MBM  Timeout receiving response" when there is no communication with the Modbus device.)


In XBuilder, check that the modbus slave connection parameters and the device address are correct.

This is not necessarily an error. In some cases the Modbus master will poll the slave very rarely (for example once every hour), and during that time a lot of timeout messages will be generated. The 10 seconds interval is hard coded and can't be changed.

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