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"Object already exists" error when creating new AS under an ES


When attempting to add a new Automation Server under an Enterprise Server that already has one or more AS servers attached it results in an "Object already exists" error


Object already exists

Domain: Data access

Info:~/System/Server Communication/Models/xxxxxxxx/Members/xxxxxxxxx in module Run Db manager

xxxxxxxx = Global Unique Identifier (GUID)


Enterprise Server

Automation Server


The AS that is being added has been restored from a backup created from one of the servers that are already configured under the ES resulting in a duplicate GUID.

The GUID underlined in red in the screenshot above is the duplicated Id.


1. Backup the Server

2. Restore the Server and make sure to select "Restore configuration with new IDs" check box. This will ensure that a new GUID is assigned to the AS.

3. Add the Server from ES

Please note that the restore function to re-use configuration data from a backup set is supported for all Building Operation supported protocols, except for BACnet and b3 BACnet. 
To read more see Web Help

To read more see Web help:
To read more see Web help:
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