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"Shared Memory" error on startup of Continuum


Start up of Continuum Workstation sees the below error. The Continuum Workstation may continue to start up if the OK button is pressed or may crash.


ContinuumServer.exe error
An error occured during initialization of Continuum Shared Memory by "ContinuumServer.exe".
Please restart your system. If this porblem persists, please contact technical support.


  • Continuum v2.0 SP1
  • A Windows 32-bit Operating System


Beginning with the Andover Continuum 2.0 SP1 Release, Continuum applications now take advantage of the upper memory address space that is available natively on 64-bit Operating Systems (OSs). In order to access these memory addresses on 32-bit OSs, you must reconfigure your 32-bit OS to support applications that are Large Address Aware (LAA). 


Enabled Large Address Aware (LAA). A Windows batch file is included as part of the Continuum 2.0 SP1 release that allows you to reconfigure your 32-bit OS to support applications that are LAA. You will need to ensure that Windows Firewall and Windows Defender are turned off and then run the "laa_update.bat" batch file as an administrator from the installation CD or zip folder. 

See page 19 of the Cyberstation v2.0 SP1 Installation Guide for further details.

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