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"The Site Name" folder is missing when logging onto Xenta Server's webpage.


  • When logging onto Xenta Server's webpage (Xenta 701 and Xenta 721), "The Site Name" folder is missing.
  • Xenta 701 and Xenta 721 cannot display a Value Page though the page has been created in the Xbuilder project.


  • Xenta 701, Xenta 721
  • XBuilder 5.1.X
  • TAC Vista Workstation 5.1.X


Though Xbuilder allows the user to create a Value Page, it will not be displayed on the website. Xenta 701 and Xenta 721 only has "Service" level support of web services, therefore any web content ability is disabled.

NOTE: Xenta 913 also only has "Service" level web services. However, Xenta 913 is a gateway; therefore, the Value Page feature is enabled in Xenta 913. 


User can use other Xenta servers such as Xenta 731 or Xenta 913 to have Value Page feature. Or, viewing points values on TAC Vista Workstation.

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