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"This content cannot be display in a frame" error when using Vista WebStation


When using a HyperLink in Vista WebStation graphic page the error message "This content cannot be display in a frame" is shown. Clicking the link to open this content in a new window will properly display the web page.


Vista WebStation 5.x.x


Newer web browsers support a HTTP header flag named X-Frame-Options which allows the remote web server to block display of its content within a web page frame. This is a security measure to stop "click jacking".

Internet Explore 8, Internet Explorer 9 will display the error message

Google Chrome will ignore the hyperlink.


Instead of linking directly to the web page link to the folder that contains the Hyperlink object and then clicking on the hyperlink object will open the web page in a new window if the target property is empty or "_blank".

Another alternative is simply click the "Open this content in a new window" link.

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