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"Update Vista database failed" Error in Vista System Plug-In


When attempting to update Vista Database in Vista System Plug-In, there is a failure producing the error  "Update Vista database failed".


  • NL220
  • LonMaker
  • Vista System Plug-In


There are multiple causes for this error including LonWorks Network name not matching, signal names in Menta have too many characters, the use of an invalid alarm controller object in a Menta alarm block, and orphaned/unnecessary constants left in the Menta constants table.


LonWorks Network name does not match
If the LonWorks Network name in vista does not match the name in the system plug-in then the update will fail.
  1. In Workstation, right click on the LNS Network object
  2. Rename the LonWorks Network to match the name in the LNS side of the Vista System Plug-In.

*If this occurs during the addition of a LNS port into a Vista database with an existing LNS port, ensure each LNS port is using a unique name.


Insufficient Vista user account privilege

  • An update to the Vista database cannot be performed if not logged in with an administrator level user account.


Too many characters in a Menta point name

  • If there is a signal name that is longer than 20 characters it can cause the Menta file to fail to update to the Vista server.


Invalid alarm controller object

  • If there is a Menta alarm block that is referencing an alarm controller object using a $ (other than the default $Alr_Cntrl) it can cause the update to fail. TAC Vista will try to add the object even though objects with $ can not be added.


Orphaned or Unnecessary constants

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